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Words by Matthew Stover from the Revenge of the Sith novelisation.

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Friends & Enemies Series- Part 1

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12 years ago, a nine-tailed fox appeared. if you believe it! naruto! naruto! believe it! belieeeeeeeeeeeve it! yeah here i am with my ninja clan. ninja clan. here we stand. naruto! i’m on my way. naruto! i’ll be okay. getting ready to fight on sight. my best friends by my side. sa-soo-kay - is really cool. sakura - the beautiful

i understand

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Star Wars Characters: Beru Whitesun (Lars)
“As a young, shy girl, Beru Whitesun’s aspirations did not reach beyond Tatooine. She was content to marry Owen Lars and lead the tough life of a moisture farmer. Beru also fulfilled the role of guardian and substitute mother to young Luke Skywalker, and repeatedly voiced her support for his dream of joining his friends at the Academy. Beru fell victim to the Empire when Imperial stormtroopers raided the family farm in search of droids thought to have top-secret plans for the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Star. ”
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You are strong and wise Anakin, and I am very proud of you. I have trained you since you were a small boy. I have taught you everything I know, and you have become a far greater jedi than I could ever hope to be.

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people in the captain america fandom are like,

omg confused and sad boys with long hair and mechanical arms who fight their best friend are sooOO hot,

and I’m just like, ya I know right


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Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it

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All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even stars burn out …

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